The why and how of the reinvention of sales

Recently I spoke at the CRN event Xchange (XSP16) in Los Angeles

I was asked to present on the changing face of the IT industry and how the Cloud is affecting the reseller world.

I decided to concentrate my 50 minute talk on a single aspect of this transformation. The role of the sales person. After all there's only so much one can say in one presentation and make the material actionable.

The role of marketing has been transformed by the rise of CRM, marketing tools, and big data. A department that 15 years ago was often thought of as a cost center is now at the heart of many businesses. Sales however hasn’t gone through that transformation, yet. It needs to. My talk is about that aspect of the transformation of Boxes to the Cloud.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and would love to hear your feedback on the ideas discussed within it.

Here is the  first part of the: XSP16 presentation

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The second half will be published next week.

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The presentation was also covered by CRN journalists and their synopsis can can found here.

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