Actionable Plans

So once the realization that the world does not simply grow in a linear manner has sunk in what do you actually do?

Simon's talks concentrate on a series of actionable steps to take to fortify your organization and yourself against these Excessions. Putting you in the driving seat for the next change coming to your world.

Processes include:

Building a culture of constant learning.

Building a culture where simply working harder is not considered success.

Diversifying the type of people you work with to get as broad a view of the world as possible.

Positive exercises to help stop group think.

Instigating a process of 10th man preparedness.

Building a culture that understands that facts have shelf lives and dogma will kill you.

Constantly remembering that the future is already here. It just might be living in a different industry, or is perhaps hidden in plain sight.

Simon’s primary mission is to make people think, and then give them an actionable plan.

As Thomas Edison didn’t actually say, but is widely attributed with having said

“Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

Increasingly, doing can only get you so far. Working harder is rarely the best course of action. Thinking about solving a problem in a completely new way is the answer.

We live in a world where asking the right questions is more important than knowing the existing answers.

Simon’s talks and workshops are specifically designed to discombobulate the status quo, to question existing orthodoxy, to make people question what they do and why.

But above all he gives people practical tools to help them and their businesses survive in a world in which the very definition of success changes constantly.

His talks often, but don’t always include topics, such as:

Why everything you thought in 1999 about Cell phones was wrong, and it will be wrong again in another ten years

Why Microsoft Word killed all the typists

How strong men with bent wood in 15th century put an end to knights in armour

The danger of moving from Sales led to Marketing led to brand led businesses

Why military thinking means a General ends up driving a 70,000 ton Battleship up a beech.

Why self driving cars will destroy the auto industry and have more in common with your living room than your car within 15 years.

Why it’s important to know what business you’re really in and why you need some great binoculars.

How smiling at your clients enabled SouthWest's business to soar and destroyed United’s business model.

The four levels of facts

What we can learn from the Israeli Defence Force

Why every company needs a joker

What you can expect to have happen to you if you point out the CEO is naked and you haven't built a culture capable of coping.

Why meeting rooms need round tables


There is no doubt that Excession Events will continually be disrupting our businesses and our culture. But there are enormous opportunities in that chaos. Excession Events was formed specifically to help organizations equip themselves to thrive.